Laura Bruce was born in East Orange, New Jersey and moved to Berlin, Germany in the early nineties. Drawing is her main practice, but her work includes drawing installation, sculpture, video, and performance. It often takes the form of series as "Sounds That Clouds Make", the drawing and sound installation "Goodbye is Half the Words You Know", or "Perpetual", a work of 79 drawings based on Goya's "Los Caprichos". Her work also integrates other disciplines and approaches and deals with issues such as nature as a force / phenomenon / myth and the human relationship to it. There are often historical references that are approached from a contemporary perspective.
She has exhibited extensively in private galleries and public institutions. Her works can be found in public and private collections in Europe and abroad.

From New Jersey, USA,  lives in Berlin

1995-97        MFA sculpture: The Slade School of Fine Art, London, UK

1980-83        BFA painting: State University of New York at New Paltz, New York

1980             Foundation courses: Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York

1990             Moved to Berlin

1995-99        Studied in London

Awards, Residencies, and Grants

2012             Losito Kunstpreis 2012

2010             Project grant Senate for Cultural Activities, Berlin

2009             Residency Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral, Bad Ems

2008             Residency workshop, Künstlerhäuser Worpswede

                     Käthe Dorsch Projektstipendium/project Grant

2004             Catalog grant, Kunstfond, Bonn; catalog grant, Senate for Cultural Activities, Berlin; Residency Schloss Wiepersdorf, Germany

2003             Käthe Dorsch Foundation project grant, Berlin; residency Art Omi, New York, USA


2016             Summer Academy Bremerhaven, drawing

2015             Lecturer in drawing at the Akademie der Malerei Berlin

2013             European Academic Exchange Summer Academy (studio practice)

2012 -           Art educator at the Otto Hahn Gesamtschule, Berlin

2011             Summer Academy Dresden, drawing

                     Summer Academy Leipzig, Zeichnung/drawing

2010             Guest lecturer Kunsthochschule Weissensee, Berlin (drawing foundation courses)

2004             Guest lecturer Dresden Akademie der Künste (sculpture)

1999             Honorary lecturer Slade School of Fine Arts

1999             Guest lecturer Exeter College of Art and Design

Solo Shows (selection)         

2018             To Kiss or Kill, Galerie Rompone, Cologne, Germany (cat.)

2017             Solo presentation, Alexander Ochs Private, Paper Positions, Berlin

2015             Love and Other Machines, New Art Gallery, London (Oct. 2015)

                     Kunsthaus Erfurt (Dec. 2015)

2011             Augenweide, Vattenfall Foundation, Berlin

         Whippersnapper, Fahneman Projects, Berlin (cat.)

2010            Holy Rollers with Hannah Dougherty The Forgotten Bar, Berlin

2008            The Hunt, fruehsorge contemporary drawings (cat.)

2007            Night Twist, Delikatessenhaus, Leipzig

2006            Landowners, Galerie Pankow, Berlin (cat.)

2005            Big Sky, Galerie Ulrike Buschlinger, Wiesbaden

2004            The Wide, Büro für Kunst, Dresden (cat.)

Group Exhibitions (selection)

2018 "“Stadt-Land-Fluss”, Museum Boppard (Kurfürstliche Burg), Boppard, Germany; “Mind the Gap”, Rohkunstbau, Schloss Lieberose, Lieberose, Germany; Baustellenfest, Haus am Waldsee, Berlin;  “Wer hat Angst vor Schwarz Rot Gold?, Alexander Ochs Private, Berlin; “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”,  Alexander Ochs Private, Berlin
2017       "small things:good things", Alexander Ochs Private, Berlin; "Wir nennen es Arbeit", Opera Scelte, Turin, Italy;  "Meta", curated by Witte Wartena, Lage Egal, Berlin; Art Berlin with Alexander Ochs Private, Berlin; "Transcience", Schau Fenster, Berlin; "Transcience", Konstnärsklubb; "The Visitation", Galerie Hartwich, Rügen;  

2016       „Passion. Fan Behavior and Art“, Ludwig Museum, Budapest (cat.); "Remix", Alexander Ochs Private, Berlin; "Passion. Fan Behavior and Art", Kunsthale Kiel, "Moment und Dauer", Galerie Parterre, Berlin (cat.); "Spectrum 2"/ about paper, Galerie Eigenheim, Berlin; 35 Works on Paper, Beers, London; Drawings Q, Galerie Fahnemann, Berlin; Lithomania, Schau Fenster, Berlin
2015       „Paperworlds“, Museum Buchheim, Buchheim; „Passion. Fan Behavior and Art“, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin (cat.) (travels in Germany 2105-2016); „Wir kommen auf den Hund” Kupferstichkabinett  Berlin (cat.); „Du sollst dir kein Bild machen“, kuratiert von Alexander Ochs,   Berliner Dome, Berlin; „Landscape 3.0“, Galerie Alte Schule, Ahrenshoop; "Alptraum", Gallery McClure, "Landscapes 3.0", Landscape in Contemporar Art, Ahrenshoop; "Tales from Darkness", Sunaparnta, Goa Centre for the Arts, Altinho, Panaji

2014       „Vanity Case“, Galerie Amel Bourbouina, Berlin; „Painting Was a Lady“, WK, NYC; „A Line is a Line is a Line“ , Galerie Pankow, Berlin; „SOLO II“, Ozean, Berlin; "Paperworlds“ Me Collectors Room, Berlin; „Latent“ Kreuzberg Pavillion, Berlin, „Criss-Cross“, Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Berlin; 

2013        „On Paper,“ Eigen & Art LAB, Berlin; „Die Kunst der Zeichnung“, Kunstverein Ingelheim; „BERLINER SALON / PART II,” Kunsthaus Meiningen; „Darkness, Baby;“   Schaufenster, Berlin; „The Pleasure House is about to Burn Down,“ Galerie Jaap Sleper, Utrecht, Holland; „Ganz im Vorübergehen“ Galerie Harthan, Stuttgart; “Hinter den Dingen”, Galerie Heike Strelow, Frankfurt

2012       “Wish this Was a Song”, Museum of Contemporary Art (cat.), Oslo, Norway; „Dies ist die Nacht, die tausend Tagen Trotz kann sagen“, C & K unterwegs, zu Gast in der Guardini Galerie, Berlin; “Northeast of Heaven” Galerie Hartwich, Sellin auf Rügen, Germany; “Drawing Biennale”, Kunstverein Eislingen, Germany (cat.); “Kühllabor”, Krakau Ebene, Austria (cat.)

2011       “Synecdoche”, Galerie Amel Bourouina, Berlin; “On Paper”, Fahnemann Projects Berlin; “Discover and Escape”, Orth, Offenbach; ”Outdoor Excursions” Burlington Center of the Arts, Burlington, Vermont; “The Visitation,” Galerie Hartwich, Sellin auf Rügen

2010       “Balmoral Blend”, Arp Museum, Bahnhof Rolandseck; “Drawing II”, Fahnemann Projects, Berlin; “Awake Forever in a Sweet Unrest”, Cream Contemporary, Berlin; City Beats”, curated by Berit Fischer, BankArt, Yokahama, Japan; “km 500 2”, Kunsthalle Mainz (cat.); “Pollyfizzyboisterous Seas”, Galerie Hartwich, Sellin auf Rügen; Fokus Lodz Biennale 2010, Lodz, Poland; "Reading Room #4 – FUKT MAGAZINE", Nomas Foundation, Rome

2009       “Was ist das?” espace artcore/JTM Gallery, Paris, curated by Johannes, Klaus und Franzisca? Sperling, “Fully Booked”, Beethoven Hotel, Bonn (cat.); “Hortus Apertus,” Schloss Balmoral, Bad Ems, Germany (cat.); “Facebook,” Galerie fruehsorge contemporary drawings Berlin and Galerie DINA4, München, Berlin (cat.); The Carnival Within”, curated by Gregory Volk and Sabine Russ, Uferhallen, Berlin (cat.); City Beats”, curated by Berit Fischer, Dorsky Gallery, NY

2008       “City Beat”, curated by Berit Fischer, Zendai MoMA, Shanghai; “Linien08”, Galerie DINA4, Munich; “The Berliners + One” Loushy & Peter Art & Projects, Tel Aviv, Israel; Menschen und Orte”, Kunstverein Konstanz

2007       “Drunk on Dreams”, fruehsorge contemporary drawings; “American Beauty”, Galerie Baer

2006       “Even the Drawers are Winners”, Klara Wallner Galerie, Berlin

2005       “Schönheit, Der Sprung im Spiegel”, Städtische Galerie, Traunstein

2004       “Size Does Matter”, eyewash@ Boreas Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; “The Medium is the Tedium”, The Collective   Gallery, Edinburgh;

2003       “Pierogi Flatfiles“, Carlsbad Museum, New Mexico; “Expand“, Volkart Stiftung, Winterthur, Switzerland (catalog); “Art Cubicle“, Projektraum Mathias Kampl, Berlin; “Wheeling“,  curated by Marcus Sendlinger, Galerie Jette Rudolph, Berlin (travels Post Gallery, LA; Cell Project Space, London)

2002       “Stardust Deluxe“, Lisa Lounge, Berlin; “Wachsernde Identitäten”, Georg Kolbe Museum, Berlin; "Over the Moon", Kunstamt Kreuzberg, Berlin; “Private Affairs”, Kunsthaus Dresden (catalog); “Thin Skin”, AXA Gallery (catalog), New York, curated by ICI NY, (travels until 2004 to Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Scottsdale, AZ; Gemeentemuseum Helmond, The Netherlands; International Museum of Art and Science in McAllen, McAllen, TX; Chicago Cultural Center, IL; Boise Art Museum, ID Texas)

2001       “What’s Wrong?”, Trade Apartment, London; “Kunst+Brief”, Galerie im Parkhaus, Berlin (cat.); “If We Were Kings”, Adlershof, KMZ, Berlin, Adlershof; “Berlin_London_2001”, ICA, London

2000      “The Old News”, PS 122, New York (curated by Gregory Volk and Sabine Russ); “no vacancies”, curated by Angelika Richter and Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin (CD Rom); “John, I’m only Dancing...’ part 2, The Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland; “Non Plus Ultra”, F M Schwarz, Cologne (curated by Gregory Volk and Sabine Russ)

Dangerpony Concerts (selection)

2016       Heimathaven Neukölln, Berlin im Rahmen KGB Sounds Art Week

2014       Podewil, Berlin im Rahmen der Europäische Monat der Photographie

2013       Neue Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin

2012       “I Wish This Was A Song”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo; “Missklang,” West Germany, Berlin

2010       Picture disk vinyl release, West Germany, Berlin

2009       “The Carnival Within,” Uferhallen, Berlin

Public Collections

               Artothek, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein

               Video-Forum, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin

               Kupferstich Kabinett, Berlin

               Berlinische Galerie, Berlin

               Landessammlung Rheinland Pfalz, Mainz

               Vattenfall Foundation, Berlin

Bibliography (selection)

2017       interview with Julia Rosenbaum,

2016       Catalog "Passion. Fan Behavior and Art", Künstlerhaus Bethaniene, Christoph Tannert; "Moment und Dauer"; Galerie Parterre, Berlin; Booklet Laura Bruce "What We Do for Love", Little Krimminals; Berlin

2014       Catalog „A Line is a Line is a Line“, Galerie Pankow, Berlin

2013       Catalog „ungesehen und ungehört: Künstler reagieren auf die Sammlung Prinzhorn“, Sammlung   Prinzhorn, Heidelberg; Catalog „Die Kunst der Zeichnung“, Kunstverein Essenheim / Altes Rathaus Ingelheim.

2012       Catalog “I Wish This Was A Song”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo, Norway; Catalog “Zeichnungbiennale”; Kunstverein Eislingen, Eislingen, Germany

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2010       Catalog “Laura Bruce: The Castle Drawings”; Helmut Germer and Thomas Neeser, The First Dimension (Basel: Birkhäuser, 2010)

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